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In June 1873, Lee left Dublin for London and never returned. A fortnight later, Bessie followed him; the two girls joined her. Shaw's explanation of why his mother followed Lee was that without the latter's financial contribution the joint household had to be broken up. Left in Dublin with his father, Shaw compensated for the absence of music in the house by teaching himself to play the piano.

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In 1898, as a result of overwork, Shaw's health broke down. He was nursed by , a rich Anglo-Irish woman whom he had met through the Webbs. The previous year she had proposed that she and Shaw should marry. He had declined, but when she insisted on nursing him in a house in the country, Shaw, concerned that this might cause scandal, agreed to their marriage. The ceremony took place on 1 June 1898, in the in . The bride and bridegroom were both aged forty-one. In the view of the biographer and critic , "their life together was entirely felicitous". There were no children of the marriage, which it is generally believed was never consummated; whether this was wholly at Charlotte's wish, as Shaw liked to suggest, is less widely credited. In the early weeks of the marriage Shaw was much occupied writing his Marxist analysis of 's , published as late in 1898. In 1906 the Shaws found a country home in , Hertfordshire; they renamed the house "", and lived there for the rest of their lives. They retained a London flat in the and later at .

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Unlike the other graduate school exams, the LSAT is offered fairly infrequently. Students can only take the test four times a year — in June, early fall (late September to early October), December and February. Law schools work on a rolling admissions process where they start accepting and reviewing applications in the early fall and they continue to do this until late spring to fill the next year’s class. So basically it’s first come, first served, which is why Thomas advises students to take the test early on in June. This puts students ahead of a lot of their competition because most wait to take the LSAT in fall.

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Last, there is an unscored essay where students will choose between one or two alternatives and defend their position with some evidence that’s provided by the facts of a case, Thomas said. This essay is included in every law school application to get a sense of how well a student can write. With that said, Thomas believes it is pretty insignificant. This essay is mainly just a chance for students to showcase their writing abilities.

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Also available in the OCC, the Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme has guidance on choosing a subject for the extended essay.