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The Dark Knight Rises is the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises begins eight years after The Dark Knight ends and is also a sequel to Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne played by Christian Bale, is a billionaire in Gotham City; he is also the vigilante Batman. Each character had a similar theme, majority of the characters had a rough beginning, but the steps in which each one took made them a villain or a hero. Even though The Dark Knight Rises plot followed the predecessors, it was over all a decent story, but the plot was long winded.

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Christopher Nolan brings another, comic-inspired, breathtaking and enjoyable spectacular film to the big screen. In The Dark Knight Rises we can experience the impressiveness of the visual effects and also many new characters that adds on to the anxiety of the film. After eight years of peaceful time, crisis threatens Gotham City, Bruce Wayne jumps back into the Batmobile to fight crime once again to fulfill his believe “Gotham does not belong to the criminals and corrupts”. So Batman recruits his team with Mr.

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With this and Bane’s arrival, the out of practice hero resolves that his city needs Batman again, despite concerned objections from lifelong butler Alfred (Michael Caine), who refuses to stand by and watch Wayne willfully destroy himself by going up against Bane and his superior forces. Alfred wants more for his Master Wayne than to watch him follow his own terrible self-sacrificing mission; he hoped Bruce would someday move on, get married, and disappear into another life altogether. But Bruce clings to the memory of Rachel. Herein resides Nolan’s very human take on a hero’s life, as Alfred is a devoted servant but he also wants the best for the boy he helped raise, which does not include watching him destroy himself as Batman. Instead, Alfred refuses to bear witness, and after his last effort to dissuade Bruce by confessing to him how Rachel had chosen Dent over him, Alfred abandons his post. In Nolan’s fixed drive toward realism in this superhero trilogy, he acknowledges how a hero cannot remain so forever; a recurring theme in The Dark Knight Rises is how a limit exists for what one human can endure, be it physically or emotionally, and those limits require necessary changes roused from moving examples.

The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review Eight years since Batman vanished into the darkness of shadows where he turned from a hero into a fugitive, being a scapegoat burden with hiding the truth of Harvey Dent to maintain justice to the city of Gotham. But everything changes with the arrival of another villain, Bane. Batman rises again with his patriotism towards Gotham, but this time it challenges his fear of his soul and lead to the epic conclusion of Bruce Wayne.Another spectacular scene was during the hijacking scene when the small CIA jet was being hijacked by a bigger one atop. We can see how the small jet being destroyed and also the “acrobatics” of the soldiers and maneuver Bane during the hijack. The Dark Knight Rises is an exciting, breathtaking and creative film with gorgeous action scenes and impressive dialogue and expressions within characters that is well worth a few hours of your time.In the film “The Dark Knight Rises” Bane is introduced as the villain, who wants to corrupt Gotham as it already is. Eight years after the death of Harvey Dent, the police department grants powers which nearly abolish crime. Police commissioner James Gordon feels guilty for covering up Dent’s crimes. Therefore, he writes a resignation speech confessing the truth but ends up not using it. Later on Bane captures Gordon. Gordon escapes and is found by John Blake. Gordon sponsors Blake to detective with him. Batman finds out the Wayne enterprise can lead to breakage so he discontinues his fusion reactor project. Later on, Bane attacks the Gotham stock...
My film that I will use for review will be Batman “The Dark Knight Rises”. As I read the review from the writer Anthony Lane who posted his review in the New Yorker of the film it seems to me that Mr. Lane saw the film in the eyes of Bruce Wayne (Batman) as a boring in his life outside of Batman. The life of Mr. Wayne as being rich all seems to boring being that he has a lot of money but yet depends on other people to do for him. He never eats; drinks, and more or less he said you never see him use the restroom. He is always showing up at parties with one or two girls by his side but that’s it. As for the Batman character, he meets all the viewers’ expectations as a super hero and with all the cool gadgets and vehicles he uses to assist him in fighting crime.In The Dark Knight Rises, Gotham City’s Caped Crusader transforms from the symbol of heroism and hope established in , whose endurance was so unsparingly tested and thus entrenched by , to become something else entirely: legend. Christopher Nolan’s final act in his trilogy rises above the usual limitations of the third entry in a series by binding all three together, expanding what came before, and turning three individual stories into a superior, overarching narrative. As a single film, it is the most massive of The Dark Knight Trilogy in sheer length and scope. Set it aside from its predecessors, and Nolan has constructed an ambitious epic of grand dramatic and visual spectacles. With equal attention paid to the texture of his narrative as well as the sweeping exhibition of his picture, Nolan further demonstrates his own exceptional artistry as a storyteller and skill as a filmmaker by binding the experience with socially relevant themes matched only by the film’s humanity. Still, however singular this and his other Batman films may be on their own, they develop into something far more impressive as a whole.