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“The-Why-I-Want-to-Go-to-Whichever-College-that-I’m-Applying Essay” takes not only time and ingenuity, but it also takes some careful study and research. An essay of this nature needs to focus on the student’s interests and aspirations, but it specifically needs to address why the college to which the applicant is applying is a great match. Most importantly, it has to be realistic, plausible, and convincing. When the applicant writes about his or her academic interests and extracurricular involvements, those interests and activities need to match the academic disciplines and extracurricular activities that are offered at the college, and the student has to make it fundamentally clear that there are some very specific reasons for wanting to attend that particular college. There is no room for any errors here. For example, if a student writes about how he or she intends to study business in college, but the college does not offer business courses, this statement alone could adversely affect his or her chances of admissions. Similarly, if the student writes that he or she intends to continue a passion for fencing in college, but the college doesn’t have a fencing team, this too can have a negative affect on an admissions decision.

College Admission Essay Why I Want To Attend

Buy college application essay why i want to attend ..

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