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However, I also believe that people should have a break afterward to help them relax and refresh themselves.”As you can see, humungous homework loads have been producing stress, purging the amount of sleep students receive, and divesting students’ free time for hobbies. Therefore, the amount of homework that may be assigned by a teacher should be limited so that these consequences can be eliminated. According to Dr. Roberts, excess homework is a waste of time. The teenage years are the most important years for social development. It is a time where many changes occur, both physically and mentally. These valuable years should not be wasted, for it may affect a teenager for the rest of his or her life.

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Sleep is a big problem in our community and I think homework would be one of the big problems in lost of sleep. When sleep is gone, this will cause laziness in the classroom. Sleep will also cause laziness in doing homework, so instead of giving to much homework we should get less homework. When you have lack of sleep it will not only cause incomplete homework, but less turn in rate. Here are some example of what will happen when you get less sleep: lose of memory(only a little), health problems(may cause absences in school ), and depression. These three reasons are why homework should be reduced because it is a big problem in our life. Some side effects of sleep would be: headaches, tiredness, and lost of focus. For me sleep is a big problem because sleep causes me to lose focus in school. What I really hope in the future is homework to be eliminated or reduce.

Therefore, in points daily homework is essential for students. If they had daily homework, they had to get up early and both will daily homework and will not postpone something. For instance, my sister is student at high school and generally her teacher gives daily homework. My sister was a irregular person in past but she is regular in terms of daily homework. As a result, I think that if you want to be a regular person, daily homework is the best way for it. Secondly, I believe that daily homework is a important way for both study lesson and repeat lesson.This study documents the importance of homework in the construction of knowledge, but also identifies the fact that there was little emphasis placed on the grades for that work. The majority of the assessment for the students was derived from test and quiz scores, or other forms of summative assessment.Homework is a big problem in our society and I believe that these are some of the main reasons why homework should be reduced. It is better to do less homework then more homework. The time is not to stop giving out to much homework. Less homework could have a huge effect on student and I believe that one day homework will be reduced. To the people who support my argument, I hope you guys would stop homework or reduce it. The main reason why this essay was written was to just stop the sanity of homework.When students stroll away, I think that a lot of students don’t find time for studying lesson but while they re doing daily homework, they remember that what explain in lesson and students repeat in term of daily homework. For example, my cousin Ali always don’t like studying lesson because he thinks that studying lesson is boring but generally Ali is successful for and doing daily homework. In conclusion, daily homework shoes achievement. Moreover, I think that daily homework supply feels of relaxing. When a student do daily homework, he or she feels relax because he or she thinks that I don’t have homework, now I can do what want. this is the best feels. As a result, daily homework is important for students. Daily homework has a lot of advantages like repeating lesson, giving feel of relaxing and be a regular person I believe that daily homework play a important role in my achievement at university or high school. Therefore daily homework is necessary for a student. All right, why do you try doing your daily homework?