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I did the same thing then you, I wrote a paper when I was doing my bachelor, about APT, and many person came to me to tell me that they learned many things about them, and that they kind of changed their minds about the bread. But I also got stupid comment like I am a criminal and so. Someone even told me" you are muslim and you got a pitbull, that makes you twice more dangerous and violent". I was really shock. But I am too smart for thos kind of ignorant things.

Rarely do the writers perform actual research. One obvious question they could investigate: Was the dog actually a Pit Bull? It's impossible to determine breed by appearance alone. And given that the CDC non-fatal bite statistics come from counting newspaper reports of attacks claiming it was a "pit-bull type" dog, there are bound to be gross inaccuracies. I respect your opinion? but have you REALLY gotten to know a pitbull? if not then WHY judge? c'mon. you have to own a dog to judge it. and the newspaper or news doesnt count as getting to know it.I've been in a similar situation. There are dog activist out there that might help. But the best thing I found helpful was to have your friends, neighbors, and anyone who might know the dog go to court and testify on it's behalf. Mine was on a tie out and never came close to the lady who said it, the main thing that saved me was a security camera that showed the scene and proved the lady to be a liar. Fortunately my case was dismissed and I received an apology from the local authorities. But I had to be without my baby for 3 months while it all went to court. They wanted me to spay and tag her too, only the fines were gonna be around $4000.00 I wish you the best of luck. Because unfortunately, being it is a pitbull, makes it hard. Like I said, get people to go to court with you and testify on the dogs behavior, and if you can get your vet to sign an affidavit or even better show in court them self. There are a few groups on facebook that may be of help, and there is a site called the petition site that you may be able to stir up some feathers through. Something else you might do is contact your local news paper and tv stations and tell them you want to tell your side of the story. They usually jump right on these kind of stories. Best of luck to your family and your baby.