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Also, almost all famous American actors and actresses lives in Hollywood. Therefore if I visit this place I will probably have an opportunity to meet them take, autographs and even have a talk with them and asking them about their feelings during the film and after watching themselves in already-made films. Visiting Los-Angeles will have a lot of opportunities of meeting famous people. Moreover, Los-Angeles is one of the beautiful places in the world. It has a lot of beaches and as it is always hot there, you can spend your time swimming. There are also a lot of parties organized every day, where you can have a drink and enjoy your time in the city. Therefore besides watching films I will have a great opportunity to get away from my everyday life and enjoy my time by dancing and swimming.

2010. Waterfall on Jeju Island. Someone fly me to South Korea, I want to visit this place!

I want to visit most of these places too, I am hoping to finally visit Disneyland Paris this year.. I am literally a big kid! haha. You have the loveliest blog here too by the way, well done on all your hard work with it pretty lady! x

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Can you guess which of the best places to visit in Italy are shown below? Mouse the photo to see the caption and then Click the photo to see our detailed guide describing it.

To be realistic I can only visit places on earth. There are the Seven, and other, Wonders of the Earth and I like to visit them all, if possible. After hearing about the marvels of The Pyramids Of Egypt, The Great Wall Of China, The Taj Mahal, The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, The Colosseum Of Rome, Stonehenge in England and others, it would be great to actually be there and experience these things first-hand.All of you must hear about South Korea. Do you ever know what their attraction? Do you know that South Korea is rich in culture, history and technology? Do you know that smart phone that we use every day is made in Korea? The most important, do you know South Korea is the best place to holiday whether for couple or family? There have a lot of attraction place in South Korea that we can visit.The third place is Heieundae beach in Busan, South Korea. This place state in southeast of South Korea. It have many interest facts about Busan such as their unique Korean dialect that different from Seoul dialect and beautiful beach; ocean view. Hoeundae beach is the well worth visiting in the summer as well as the winter. If we went there during winter, it is the best place to take a beautiful scene to walk with packs of seagulls overhead. But for international tourists, try to avoid some time to visit because the beach is busy year round with several kinds of beach festivals. It quite burdensome for visitors who want to get relax view at that time because thousands of people will gather at there. Haeundae beach is one of the most popular spot in Busan to view the first sunrise of the year on January 1, with around of thousands gathering before dawn.I have visited so many places of historical and tourist interest. But the visit which has a lasting impression on my mind is the visit of Kashmir. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is said to be the heaven on earth. It has the accolade of being “The Switzerland of India”. I was wonderstruck to see the ravishing beauty of Kashmir. With snow-clad mountains, tall-trees of Chinar, lush green plains and valleys, Kashmir is one of the most bewitching places on earth. It has been a great attraction for the tourists all across the country and abroad as well.Why many come to visit Rome, and never leave? It is because you find yourself living in a miniature world, with myriad facets, countless things to see, to do and to undergo, and you experience kaleidoscopic sensations every day. When we Romans - native or adoptive - leave Rome we discover our sensuous attachment to the town. Although our favourite sport in town since the old days is to complain about it, when we leave we repent having done it, and we just want to go back. All other places seem tedious, life anywhere else seems made of useless picky rules, all other people seem not endowed with the tolerant, imaginative and extroverted bonhomie of the Romans.
Actually, Romans are endowed with a unique pro, which you will hardly find anywhere else. More than "tolerating", they will fully *accept you*, no matter where you come from, your political ideas, the colour of your skin, your profession, or if you are rich or poor. You can come from a distant planet, and have revolving aerials on your head, and still the Romans will accept you just the way you are. They will not leave you alone though: they will love knowing you, and they will ask you innocently and respectfully if your aerials work well or not...