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Smoking tobacco is a very dangerous because the results are always devastating. A writer could write an essay on smoking tobacco causes cancer topic because this topic is very wide. A writer may decide to dwell on a topic can discuss the chemical compounds found in tobacco and how such chemicals develop cancerous cells. This is an interesting area because it requires scientific understanding of on how the chemical compositions of the cells undergo alteration to become lethal. Essay on smoking tobacco causes cancer can also talk about the symptoms of cancer and when such symptoms occur. This is important since it helps in proper diagnosis. A sample smoking essay may talk about drugs and cigarettes that are smoked beside being poisonous. Even though smoking is usually harmful to people’s lives, there are those who believe that it should never be banned.

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Smoking essay papers. The smoking problem in America Smoking is a severe detriment to the heath of America. Smoking is harmful to everyone s health.

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In this argumentative essay on smoking, I strongly advocate that tobacco should be banned because the second-hand smoke has contributed to nonsmoker developing the infection that relates to smoking and has experienced tremendous costs in treating these diseases. Smoking among the pregnant women has resulted to harming the unborn baby who has a right to good health. Smokers are likely to cause the fire in their houses as compared to nonsmokers. Many of the wildfires that occur in the country are contributed to smoking hence harming the wildlife and causing deforestation. Smokers are likely to be distracted while driving and cause accidents, which harm innocent lives. A tobacco ban would tackle the above smoking effects.